Art In Resonance is based upon what strikes a chord in our deepest longings  
  for a world where we share, love, and accept each other.

To embrace the many ways we are moved to express ourselves as in the arts. Our artists and designers share a common desire to create, connect, and heal ourselves and each other collectively. Though we offer products , we are mindful that the process of creating keeps us present in the moment we create. This mindful approach helps us stay connected to the source of what truly resonates. We hope we resonate with you!

source Our Artists In Resonance program was created to bring artists and non artists alike together to share in a collaborative creative process. I n a supportive environment that while  nurturing the individual creates a bridge that connects the whole. Whether it be music, poetry, dance, art, we provide a show case for all these artistic expressions. The arts not only can transform ourselves but society as a whole. There has never been a better time for transformation to occur globally. Lets look to the arts as our guide so that we may witness the beauty within and all around us, and so be moved into resonance with our creative potential to manifest love that is true power connected with source.

Love and Blessings...
All of us at Art In Resonance


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